Verticutting, or vertical mowing, removes thatch buildup from your lawn so the turf can breathe easier, soak in needed moisture, and better absorb nutrients. Thatch is the layer of dead stems and roots that forms between the grass and soil.


Our verticutting service is usually combined with our other services like overseeding. It is the perfect solution for yards that have thatch build up and/or many areas that need overseed do to bare areas or for new lawns.


verticut lawn

mowed lawn


Key Benefits of the Service

Our Verticutting service is the perfect solution when starting a new lawn or fixing large areas in an existing one. The thatch removal process will greatly help new seed and your lawns existing turf.

 Extend your home with a beautiful lawn
  Your property value increases many times initial value
 Aesthetic beauty that improves with time
Allround certified and insured Applicators
Our Experts attend annual training seminars