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Lawn aeration relieves hard soil conditions. This is a important part of any lawn care program, normally happening  in the fall. Also can be part of any lawn care seeding program.

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Early Spring: Pre-emergent and granular fertilizer to reduce grassy weeds and provide green up. pH check of soil. 

Late Spring: Second pre-emergent and granular fertilizer to keep the lawn green and healthy. Broad-leaf weed control for dandelion type weeds.

Grub Control: Season long control for grubs. 

Fall: Heavy fertilizer to help rebuild turf. 

Winterizer: A heavy application of nitrogen fertilizer

options to Basic Lawn fertilizer Program: 

Winter Lime/Sulfur: Apply lime or sulfur adjust the soil pH. Aids in thatch decomposition. 

Growth Regulator: Slows turf growth for 4-5 weeks and eliminates the need for bagging. Darkens the lawn color. 

Core Aeration: Loosens clay soils and helps control thatch. Also promotes rooting. 

Disease Control: Customized treatments of fungicides to reduce damage to lawns fro disease. Especially important on young lawns and disease sensitive lawns. Provides a golf course like appearance. 

Seeding: From spot seeding to complete renovation.

Mosquito Eliminator:  Treat your landscape, shrubs, under deck, home perimeter, and entire yard. Treatment last for 21-30 days. We offer 4-6 treatments per season. 

Tree & Shrub Application Program

Basic Lawn Care fertilizer Program

Tree & Shrub Care

Lawn care Applications

We will leave your trees and shrubs looking beautiful and insect free.  We use the newest products to reduce the populations of the damaging insects in your landscape

We will professionally customize a lawn care program for your lawn using a mixture of organic and synthetic products.

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Roberts Turf   ​Liberty lawn care

Early Spring Insect: Control of needle and leaf diseases and also controls insects as needed. 

Late Spring Insect: Leaf and needle disease control on crabapples, hawthorns and pines. Controls mites, bagworms and other insects as needed. 

Summer Insect: Treatment for controlling insects on spruce, junipers, burning bush, maples, etc. 

Late Summer Insect/Inspection: Check for mites, aphids, scale and other insects, treat as needed. 

coming soon: 

Late Fall Root Feeding: Soil injection of fertilizer to feed trees and shrubs. 

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